What harm would be caused by vehicles cold start

- Nov 15, 2017-

   In a cold outdoor, when the vehicle is left standing for two or three hours, the oil film of the lubricating part of the engine needs to be slowly destroyed due to the oil being deposited downward. As the low-temperature oil itself is not free, the lubricating property deteriorates, Not for the engine to provide timely and effective start lubrication. On the other hand due to metal thermal expansion and contraction reasons, the engine parts due to inconsistent coefficient of cold contraction, the engine produces various active parts of the ultimate stress, then start the engine due to the high friction coefficient plus low lubrication will result in serious wear and tear parts In severe cases, the friction resistance is too high, the machine can not reach the starting speed, but can not start the engine normally, which eventually shortens the service life of the engine and increases the failure rate, thereby increasing the use cost and the maintenance cost. And because the start resistance, increased battery load, causing a serious battery overload, in addition to affecting its service life, more serious will make the battery plate off, causing direct damage.

  Using parking heater can effectively avoid these problems.