What are the preparations before installing the parking heater?

- Sep 07, 2020-

What are the preparations before installing the parking heater?

1. Check the integrity of the parking heater before the equipment, unscrew the pipe buckle and plug;

2. The receiving (water pipe and steam pipe) connecting the parking heater should be the same size as the inlet and outlet pipe joints of the radiator, and the receiving cannot be used to support the radiator;

3. When the parking heater uses steam as a heat preface, the steam is introduced about ten minutes before the fan starts to preheat the radiator to prevent the steam from entering the cold radiator suddenly and generating a large amount of condensed water and impacting the equipment;

4. When the air inlet pipeline of the parking heater is directly connected to the outdoors, a blocking device should be installed at the air inlet to prevent the radiator from being frozen when it stops working;

air heater

5. Before the household equipment, it should be clearly seen that the inlet end of the steam inlet is the end of the fin tube with shrinkage holes;

6. The backwater receiving end should be equipped with a steam trap, and the drainage volume of the steam trap should exceed 3 to 4 times of the condensed water volume of the radiator;

7. Pengning hardware parking heater shall be equipped with corresponding heat medium pipeline system according to the architectural design. Note that gate valves should be installed on the steam or hot water pipeline and on the return water pipeline;

8. When heating with steam, install a condensate sweeper on the condensate pipeline. When several radiators are used in combination, each one can control its inlet steam, bleed and return water pipe equipment, especially when the air is used in series in the air flow.