What are the hazards of cold start of car heaters

- Sep 25, 2020-

What are the hazards of cold start of car heaters

Everyone who drives knows that in the cold winter, the most difficult thing for cars, especially all types of diesel cars, is the starting of the car, because a car that has been frozen overnight will cause certain damage to the engine if it is started directly. Today, the air heater manufacturer will take everyone to take a look at the car heater, cold start, what harm will it cause to your car?

     (1) Outdoors in the cold, when the vehicle is left to stand for two or three hours, the oil film on the parts of the engine to be lubricated will be gradually destroyed due to the downward deposition of the engine oil, and the low-temperature engine oil itself has poor freeness, resulting in lubrication performance Deterioration, unable to provide timely and effective starting lubrication for the engine.


     (2) Due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the metal, the various engine parts due to the inconsistent cold shrinkage coefficients cause various extreme stresses in each movable part of the engine. At this time, starting the engine will cause serious wear of the parts due to high friction coefficient and low lubrication performance. In severe cases, the friction resistance is too large, the machine cannot reach the starting speed, and the engine cannot be started normally, which ultimately shortens the service life of the engine and increases the failure rate, thereby increasing the use and maintenance costs. Because of the large starting resistance, the battery load is increased and the battery is seriously overloaded. In addition to affecting its service life, the battery plate will fall off and cause direct damage.

To sum up: the harm caused by cold start to the car is huge, so we need to install a car heater, not only to protect your car, but also for your health!