What are the 10 major working steps of a parking heater?

- Sep 04, 2020-

What are the 10 major working steps of a parking heater?

     1. The centrifugal water pump starts pumping trial operation and check whether the waterway is normal;

     2. After the water circuit is normal, the fan motor rotates to blow in air through the intake pipe, and the dosing oil pump draws oil into the combustion chamber through the input pipe;

     3. The ignition plug is ignited;

    4. After the fire is ignited at the head of the combustion chamber, it burns completely at the tail and exhausts the exhaust gas through the exhaust pipe:

     5. The flame sensor can sense whether the ignition is on according to the temperature of the exhaust gas. If it is on, the spark plug will be turned off;

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    6. The water passes through the heat exchanger to absorb and take away the heat, and then circulates to the engine water tank:

    7. The water temperature sensor senses the temperature of the water, if it reaches the set temperature, it will turn off or reduce the combustion level:

     8. The air controller can control the intake of combustion air to ensure the efficiency of combustion;

     9. The fan motor can control the speed of air intake;

   10. The overheat protection sensor can detect when there is no water or the waterway is blocked and the temperature is higher than 108 degrees, it will automatically turn off the heater.