Water Parking Heater

- Aug 28, 2020-

Features of water heater system

1.Independent work: This heating system works independently of the engine. The entire process only needs to rely on battery power to drive the coolant pump and air-conditioning blower. The engine does not participate in operation, which effectively protects the vehicle.

2.High flexibility: The system can not only be started manually, but also can be started by timing, remote control, and mobile phone text messages or phone calls.

5kw water parking heater

5kw water parking heater

3.Easy to install: In addition to the standard parking heater models, common mini-cars, small cars and SUV models can be retrofitted. Some model manufacturers will provide optional installation services.

4.Whole vehicle heating: Since the parking heater works by heating the coolant in the water tank, the engine is also heated when the temperature inside the vehicle compartment is heated, which eliminates the trouble of preheating the vehicle after starting the vehicle in winter and also makes the engine Cold start wear is lower.

5.Application scope of plumbing heater:

The heater can be applied to gasoline or diesel as fuel, and can be used for various types of family cars, off-road vehicles, buses, trucks or special vehicles for long-term outdoor work, such as police cars and patrol cars. Large heaters can also be used for large vehicles such as yachts and have a wide range of uses.