water heater features

- Jan 04, 2018-

Plumbing heater using volatile atomization technology, the fuel is directly evaporated into the gas combustion, combustion stability; high thermal efficiency, combustion rate as high as 99%, low energy consumption, reliable performance, fast heating, the exhaust gas can heat the oil pan.

With automatic control, the circulating medium temperature can be automatically stabilized between 75-80 ℃.

Compact structure, small size, easy maintenance; with safety protection and self-diagnosis function, optional timing, wireless remote control, exhaust emissions in line with EU standards, key parts are waterproof plug.

Scope of application: Free-standing plumbing parking heater is widely used in various types of vehicles with water-cooled engines such as low temperature start-up, defrosting of cars, commercial vehicles, passenger cars, trucks, special vehicles, construction vehicles, boats, ships and yachts heating. Colleagues can also use the heating, insulation and preheating engines of all types of van and sprinkler, sanitation truck, food truck, and plant-specific vehicles that circulate water (antifreeze) to reduce engine wear and prolong their service life.