Tips for defrosting of refrigerated truck freezing unit

- Aug 24, 2020-

1.Stop defrost

Stop defrosting is to stop the compressor, open the door of the compartment, let the temperature of the compartment rise, and restart the compressor after the double layer automatically melts.


Frosting refers to directly flushing the surface of the evaporator pipe with higher temperature tap water after the goods in the compartment are moved out, so that the frost layer can dissolve or fall off. Except for the excessive frost formation, the heat transfer effect of the evaporator will be poor. The surface of the evaporator has not been cleaned for a long time and the dust is too thick, and its heat transfer efficiency will be significantly reduced.


3.Hot gas defrost

Hot gas defrosting is the most widespread and effective defrosting method in the refrigeration industry. The unit can be directly connected to the computer version through the cab controller, open the defrost solenoid valve, and introduce the high-temperature refrigerant gas discharged from the refrigeration compressor through the oil separator to the evaporator to melt the frost layer outside the evaporator. This method has good defrosting effect, short time and low labor intensity. It is characterized by simple structure and more thorough defrosting. The defrosting temperature sensor is added to the low-pressure pipeline of the refrigeration system, and the temperature of the sensor at the end of defrosting is set by the thermostat, so as to accurately control the defrosting time and effect. The program sets the defrost end time and defrost end temperature in parallel to avoid the inability to defrost or the defrosting effect cannot meet the requirements when the sensor fails, and to ensure the refrigeration effect of the car body and make the quality of the goods in the car more guaranteed.