These Seven Things Must Not Be Done When Traveling In A Motorhome

- Oct 27, 2020-

  What is your understanding or impression about RV travel and RV camping? laid back! free! Convenience! Stop and go! There are also many friends who haven't played in a motorhome before and may imagine the scene of a motorhome trip like this: my love is driving and I am sleeping, and when I wake up, the sun is covered with the hillside; eating hot pot and singing songs, the motorhome runs all the way and we wash up. In this regard, the editor just wants to sigh: Fun is sincere and valuable, and the price of safety is higher! Please let Imagination continue to stay in fantasy, otherwise it will easily cause safety accidents and endanger lives.

  You must not do the following seven things during your RV trip!

  1. The bed cannot be used while the RV is driving.

  What love is driving? I was sleeping, and when I woke up, the sun covered the hillside! During the driving process, passengers please sit on their seats obediently and fasten their seat belts. Otherwise, a sudden brake will easily fall off the bed and the dream will become a nightmare.

  2. Kitchen appliances cannot be used while the RV is driving!

  Cooking is not allowed in the driving process of the RV, because a sharp turn is likely to cause tragedy, if you are using fire, it is likely to be burned. It is also easy to be scratched if you are cutting vegetables. So for safety reasons, it is best not to use kitchen appliances.

  3. The parking heater cannot be used when the RV is driving.

  When driving, do not use the parking heater to prevent accidents caused by diesel combustion under poor ventilation. For heating, use the on-vehicle air conditioner.

  4. When the RV is driving, the windows cannot be opened.

  When driving, do not open the sliding window, otherwise it is easy to cause scratches and accidents.

  5. Please fix the items on the car while the RV is driving.

  Before starting the vehicle, check whether all the items on the RV are fixed (especially fragile items). Don’t underestimate the braking,