The Working Principle of Auto Air conditioning system

- Apr 20, 2018-

The outlet direction is free to adjust. Some car owners do not pay attention to adjusting the direction of air conditioning when using air conditioners, which is not conducive to the best effect of air conditioning. According to the principle of cold air sinking and hot air rising, the correct way should be to turn the air outlet upwards when the air conditioner is turned on and to move the air outlet downward when the heater is turned on.

There are using principles which car owners should pay attention to.

Firstly, don't leave your air conditioner on. Some owners often turn on the air conditioner after getting in the car. However, long-term use of the air conditioner will make the condenser pressure too high. This will cause loss to the refrigeration system because air conditioning is a heavy burden on the engine and the engine itself is a fever body ,not to mention in a high temperature weather.

Secondly, do not smoke in the car with air conditioning. Due to smoking in the vehicle compartment, the smoke can't be discharged at once, irritating the eyes and respiratory system, and it is not conducive to health. If smoking, the air-conditioning ventilation control should be adjusted to the “discharge” position so that the smoke in the compartment can be discharged outside the vehicle.

Thirdly, turn off the car first and then turn off the air conditioner. Some owners often think of shutting down the air conditioner after turning off the engine. This is harmful to the engine because the engine will start with the load of the air conditioner on the next start of the vehicle. Such a high load will damage the engine.

Fourth, do not rest or sleep for a long time in an open air-conditioned parking vehicle.

Fifth, try not to use car air conditioners when driving at low speed.