The Working Principle And Advantages Of Parking Heater

- Aug 25, 2020-

The parking heater is an on-board heating device independent of the car engine. It has its own fuel pipeline, circuit, combustion heating device, and control device. Without starting the engine, the car engine and cab parked in the low temperature and cold environment in winter can be warmed up. Completely eliminate the cold start wear of the car.

Its working principle is to use the battery and fuel tank of the vehicle to provide instant power and a small amount of fuel, and to heat the circulating water of the engine through the heat generated by burning gasoline to make the engine hot start, and at the same time heat up the cab.

5kw 12/24v air parking heater

 Product advantages of parking heater:

(1) Without starting the engine, the engine and the interior can be preheated at the same time, allowing you to open the door in the cold winter to enjoy the warmth of home.

(2) Preheating is more convenient. The advanced remote control and timing system can easily heat the car at any time, which is equivalent to having an on-board heater.

(3) Avoid wear and tear caused by cold start at low temperature. Research shows that the engine wear caused by a cold start is equivalent to a normal vehicle driving 200 kilometers, and 60% of the engine wear is caused by the cold start. Therefore, installing a parking heater can fully protect the engine and extend the service life of the engine by 30%.

5kw 12/21v air parking heater

(4) Solve the problems of defrosting, snow scraping and fogging of car windows.

(5) Environmentally friendly products, low emissions; low fuel consumption

(6) The service life is 10 years, one time investment, life-long benefit.

(7) The structure is small and exquisite, easy to install. It is easy to maintain and can be disassembled and assembled to the new car when changing the car.

(8) In summer, it can also transport the interior of the car coolly and cool down the interior of the car to achieve multiple functions.