The Precautions of Refrigerated Trucks’ Daily Use

- Apr 20, 2018-

I Prior to loading, the car must be pre-cooled or warmed up.

Before loading, the car must be pre-cooled or warmed up for 1.5 hours. Because the vehicle is parked in the open air, usually the temperature of the passenger compartment is the temperature of the external environment. In general, the temperature of the conveyed goods cannot be the ambient temperature. If so, it is not necessary to transport by refrigerated truck. When the cargo is loaded into the carriage, the ambient temperature inside the carriage will affect the temperature of the goods being transported. As a result, the quality of the goods being transported will change. Therefore, it is necessary to pre-cool the carriage to the required temperature before loading.

II  Turn off refrigeration units when you are loading or unloading the goods,the temperature of refrigerated Container is lossing more slowly.

When loading and unloading, the refrigeration unit must be turned off. Many people do not turn off the refrigeration unit when loading or unloading the cargo,they think that it can make the temperature of the goods rise more slowly. In fact, this is a very wrong understanding.

III Cleaning the refrigerated compartments frequently can keep the interior of the compartment clean and clean. 

Cleaning the refrigerator compartment has two functions. One is to keep the interior of the compartment clean and prevent strange smells in the compartment. Another function is to prevent the evaporator fan of the refrigeration unit from sucking impurities into the evaporator coil.

IV The cargo need to be well-placed, and it needs to keep the cold air circulation in the compartment.