The parking heater has many advantages

- Nov 12, 2020-

  To understand the advantages of the parking heater, you must first understand why the engine needs to be warmed up in winter.

  First, the diesel engine has poor fuel vaporization at low temperatures, and most of the fuel in the cylinder exists in liquid form, which affects the formation of the mixed gas; secondly, the engine starts by the motor driving the piston to compress the mixed gas in the cylinder to do work, and the heat generated to ignite the mixture Due to the low temperature of the cylinder wall, the heat generated by the compression process will be transferred to the cylinder wall, which is not conducive to combustion. At the same time, the viscosity of the oil at low temperatures is relatively large and cannot be transported to the friction surfaces in a short time. The high resistance to cold start of the engine also increases the risk of wear. To sum up, when the engine is started at low temperature, both the external conditions and its own conditions are in a relatively harsh state, which is not suitable for the stable operation of the engine, which results in difficulty in starting the engine and deterioration of emissions.

water parking heater

air parking heater

  In terms of heating, since the power of the heater is much smaller than that of the vehicle's engine, the fuel consumption is much lower than that of a hot car when the engine is idling. In winter, the cab is warmer, which not only improves the working environment of the driver, but also eliminates the trouble of ice and frost on the windshield, which greatly improves the driving vision and increases safety.