The Parking Heater Brings You Many Advantages

- Sep 07, 2020-

The Parking Heater Brings You Many Advantages

  The parking heater uses water circulation to heat the engine and the interior of the cab by burning the fuel of the vehicle, and solves the problem of frosting on the windows. In a severe cold environment, the cabin can be heated to 20 degrees, which means that not only the temperature in the cabin is comfortable, but the vehicle engine is also warmed up. The abnormal wear, fuel consumption, and environmental damage caused by the cold start of the engine have become a history, completely solving the trouble of not having a garage. At the same time, the fuel consumption of the parking heater is low, and the vehicle only needs about 0.4 liters of gasoline or diesel for heating. When parking and waiting, turn off the engine and turn on the parking heater to maintain the temperature in the car. In addition, after a new vehicle is replaced, the heater can be replaced on the new vehicle at any time, one-time investment, life-long benefit.

5kw air parking heater

5kw air parking heater

The parking heater brings you many advantages

No need to shave cream-get in the car

Going out early in the morning, braving the cold to scrape the frost on the glass-this is a thing of the past. With the Eberhard parking heater, you can easily start a new beautiful day. When you wake up in the morning, you can happily look forward to stepping into a warm car.

You can be in a pleasant environment in any season

When your neighbor has to shave and de-ice his car in winter, you have stepped directly into the car that has been preheated by the Eberscher parking heater. On the contrary, in summer, the ventilation function of the parking heater can prevent heat accumulation and furnace-like high temperature.

Clear vision brings safety

With the parking heater, you don't need to scrape the frost and remove the ice, and have a clear vision as soon as you get on the car. Dangerous moisture condensation will not reappear, and the inner glass layer will not re-freeze.

You can feel warm as soon as you get in the car

The temperature inside the car is pleasant from the moment you get in the car. Frozen fingers, trembling with cold, cold feet and seats are a thing of the past. You can omit the thick cotton-padded clothes that hinder your driving by scraping frost and deicing.

5kw air parking heater

5kw air parking heater

Save real money

Only a small amount of fuel consumption is increased, but the fuel saved by warming up the engine can almost completely make up for the fuel consumed during the heating phase.

How much fuel does a parking heater really consume:

Parking heating of gasoline engine: about 1.2 RMB (calculated based on 6.37 RMB per liter of gasoline and 20 minutes of heating)

Parking heating for diesel engine: about 0.68 RMB (calculated based on 6.89 RMB per liter of gasoline and 20 minutes of heating)

Protect the engine

As we all know, every cold start of a car will bring wear and tear to the engine. The parking heater can protect the engine, eliminate cold starts, reduce wear, and thus reduce the number of repairs and maintenance.

Take part in protecting the environment

Using the parking heater not only protects the engine, but also your wallet and environment. Because the engine can greatly reduce the emission of harmful substances after warming up. It can even save about 50% for a gasoline engine.