The Main Component System of Automotive Air Conditioning

- Apr 20, 2018-

 The modern automotive air-conditioning systems consist of refrigeration systems, heating systems, ventilation and air purification devices and control systems.

An automotive air-conditioning generally contains compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, receiver drier, hoses, condensing fan, vacuumsolenoid, ISCV (Idle Speed Control Valve) and control system.

Automotive air-conditioning is divided into high pressure pipelines and low pressure pipelines. The high pressure side includes the compressor output side, high pressure pipelines, condensers, receiver drier, and liquid lines; the low pressure side includes the evaporator, accumulator, return air line, compressor input, and compressor oil sump.

A receiver drier is actually a device that stores refrigerant and absorbs moisture and impurities in the refrigerant. On the one hand, it is equivalent to the car's fuel tank, which supplements the refrigerant with extra refrigerant. On the other hand, it filters out the impurities doped in the refrigerant like an air filter. The receiver drier is also equipped with certain silica gel substances that absorb moisture.