The fuel heater shares the daily maintenance of the car

- Oct 12, 2020-

The fuel heater shares the daily maintenance of the car

The common sense of car paint maintenance is actually very complicated. Although the paint looks smooth, there are small concave surfaces and holes on the surface. It is recommended that a new car should be sealed or coated.

Generally, the coating time is longer than the sealing time. The sealing effect is about 3 months to half a year, and the coating is more than half a year. It is recommended that a second sealing or coating is required after a certain period of time. The usual items in car wash shops are polishing and waxing. However, these two items should be done under the premise of coating or sealing, because always waxing or polishing is equivalent to consuming the thickness of the paint surface, gradually making the paint thinner, losing luster, and appearing small scratches.

There are also many things that need attention in daily car paint maintenance.

First, avoid directly wiping the paint surface with a duster or dry cloth. After washing off the dirt and dirt on the surface of the car, wipe it with a clean absorbent cloth. Do not dry it yourself after flushing.

Second, when parking, you should consider avoiding long-term sunlight, especially white and non-metallic paint.

Third, reduce the number of car washes and try not to wax and polish the car.

Fourth, pay attention to timely removal of corrosive things such as bird droppings.

Fifth, pay attention to reducing to more corrosive areas during driving, such as the seaside, the road surface with snow melting agent, the newly paved asphalt road, etc.

Sixth, after running the highway in summer, the carcass of insects hit by the front of the vehicle should be cleaned in time. If it is not cleaned in time, the paint surface of the vehicle will be corroded in a short time.