The advantages of parking heater safety.

- Jan 18, 2018-

  1. Material safety, the whole flame retardant materials

    The heater of the parking heater adopts flame-retardant material, and will not be deformed, melted or spontaneous even at high temperature. Even if there is open flame, if the flame is extinguished, the heater will extinguish immediately and will never become a combustion-supporting material. While a well-known German brand of air-conditioners and domestic OEM machines can burn and deform under the action of open flame, even if the naked flame is extinguished, the heater still burns and becomes a combustion-supporting material without flame retardant properties. The fire-retardant materials used in our entire parking heater not only ensure the normal use of the safety, but also ensure the safety of driving in unexpected situations.

  2. Non-metallic materials using environmentally friendly materials, high temperature non-toxic odor

    Car parking heater is generally used in a more confined space, and the use of heating equipment generates a lot of heat, if the use of unqualified or contaminated materials, in this more closed and a lot of heat environment odor, poisonous Gas is bound to affect the physical safety of riders. Car parking heater used in non-metallic materials are environmentally friendly materials to ensure that no smell at high temperatures, will not release harmful substances in the human body.

    Whether it is car parking heater manufacturers or other product manufacturers should put safety in the first place, based on this to provide users with more cost-effective products.