The Advantage of Parking Heater is Not Only Heating

- Oct 10, 2020-

Before: shivering with cold, scraping ice

Now: Have a pleasant cabin temperature at any time, you can get it without paying a high price!

How to defrost and deicing car windows is convenient and quick?

Before: Going out early in the morning, braving the cold to scrape the frost on the glass.

Now: Start a new beautiful day with ease. When you wake up in the morning, you can happily look forward to stepping into a warm car.

  With the Nanfeng parking heater, it can be preheated in advance at regular intervals, so you don't need to scrape the frost and deicing yourself, and you will have a clear vision as soon as you get on the car. Dangerous moisture condensation will not reappear, and the inner glass layer will not re-freeze.

5kw 12v diesel water heater

5kw 12v diesel water heater

2kw 12v gasoline air heater

2kw 12v gasoline air heater

How to refuse the cold?

  When your neighbor has to scrape and de-ice his car in winter, you have already stepped directly into the car preheated by the Nanfeng parking heater. The temperature inside the car is pleasant from the moment you get in the car. Frozen fingers, trembling with cold, cold feet and seats are a thing of the past. You can omit the thick cotton-padded clothes that hinder your driving by scraping frost and deicing.

What to do if the engine wears severely?

   As we all know, every cold start of a car will bring wear and tear to the engine. The Nanfeng parking heater is a helper for preheating the engine and rejecting the cold start of the engine, effectively protecting the engine, eliminating cold starts, reducing wear and tear, and reducing the number of repairs and maintenance.

What to do with environmental pollution and smog?

   Using the parking heater not only protects the engine, but also your wallet and environment. Because the engine can greatly reduce fuel consumption after warming up, it can effectively reduce the emission of harmful substances. For a gasoline engine, it can even save about 50% of fuel consumption, that is, only 0.2L of fuel per hour.

How does the parking heater work?

1. Use any method to start the parking heater.

2. After the device is activated, the metering pump will deliver fuel from the fuel tank to the heater.

3. After the glow plug in the heater is energized, it starts to heat, and at the same time introduces the surrounding air into the heater.

4. The fuel is atomized through the glow plug. When the required temperature is reached, the oil-air mixture will be ignited.

5. The coolant flows through the heater, and then is pumped to the coolant circulation after heating.

6. Hot water enters the radiator of the car, and then the warm air is blown directly into the compartment by the fan.

7. The hot water flows from the car radiator to the engine and heats the engine at the same time.

8. After the heated coolant returns to the heater, the cycle starts again.