Six Points To Pay Attention To When Driving In Winter!

- Nov 20, 2020-

NO.1 Response to driving on ice

  First of all, maintain a safe distance between vehicles and maintain a safe speed; secondly, if you encounter ice, quickly release the accelerator to let the car pass through the ice surface by inertia, and decelerate by stepping-loose-stepping on it. Third, after passing by the ice, hold the direction steady and don't move the direction, because the ice surface is smooth, and the car will not follow your intention.

NO.2 Coping with group fog

  First of all, check the temperature of the passing area, whether it is raining or snowing, and listen to the weather forecast and road conditions. Secondly, keep safe and economical speed on the expressway. In case of fog, brake, slow down, double flash, and drive. Fog lights, pass through the fog area and then drive normally.

NO.3 trapped halfway in rain and snow

  First, check the vehicle, prepare for winter equipment, check whether the anti-skid chain lock is intact, and put it in the toolbox after finishing; secondly, it must be equipped with anti-skid chains, which are usually hit on the driving wheels, and semi-trailer tractors. Trailers also need snow chains.

NO.4 to deal with frozen oil

  Many trucks now have fuel tank heating devices, so if friends are considering traveling to a colder place in the future, it is best to install a fuel preheating system. In addition, when buying a car, you can also take the dual-chamber fuel tank into consideration. The large fuel tank is filled with affordable No. 0 diesel, and the auxiliary fuel tank is filled with low-grade diesel with lower freezing point. When the fuel system is warmed up, use low-grade diesel to warm up the whole vehicle. Then change to No. 0 diesel.

NO.5 Keep static electricity away

  Dry weather in winter often generates static electricity. If the handrails in and out of the cab are made of metal, you can wrap a layer of insulating tape on them, so that it is not easy to get electric when getting on and off the car. In addition, wearing work gloves in winter can effectively prevent static electricity.

NO.6 How to keep warm in winter

  If you feel uneasy about installing a parking heater later, you can choose the original parking air conditioner or the original factory-assembled parking heater when buying a car. Of course, when driving in winter, it is best to keep thick clothes, thick bedding, and cotton hats at hand to keep you warm and not get sick.

  The most horrible thing about driving in winter is driving on ice and entering the fog. Because these two situations are linked to the safety of human life, it is necessary to keep in mind the driving regulations for entering the ice and snow road and the fog road, and avoid danger reasonably.

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