Several Questions About Water Heating Heater

- Sep 21, 2020-

1. Why can we solve the problem of starting in winter?

  Answer: The phenomenon of poor starting in winter is mainly reflected in diesel vehicles. 1. Due to the compression ignition of diesel engines, diesel will become thicker at low temperatures and the atomization effect is relatively poor.

2. The spontaneous combustion temperature of diesel is about 220 degrees, and compression ignition has a compression ratio. For example, in normal conditions, the ratio of intake air to fuel is 1:1 to achieve combustion. Then when the outside temperature is low, the air density and temperature become lower. The ratio of internal air intake is not 1, and the ignition temperature cannot be reached during compression. The heater preheats the engine in advance, thereby creating an optimal ignition environment for the engine, which also solves the trouble of starting due to low temperature.

5KW water heater

5KW water heater

2. Why can the engine be protected

  Answer: After investigation, it is found that 70% of the engine wear is caused by the cold start of the vehicle, and the wear in the first 5 seconds of the cold start is equivalent to the wear of the car during normal driving of 200 kilometers. Why? 1. Because when the temperature is low, the fuel will not burn sufficiently, which will cause carbon deposits. 2. The lubricity of the engine oil will be reduced due to the low temperature, and the lubrication effect will not be achieved, which increases the wear of the engine. By preheating the engine in advance, the heater can make the fuel have a good combustion environment, and also increase the temperature of the oil through the heat transfer to the oil pan, achieve the desired lubrication effect, and reduce the carbon deposit and lubrication caused by combustion. Wear caused by bad.

3. How to improve comfort

  Answer: This mainly refers to warm air. If you want to blow hot air, the heater water tank must be heated. The heater has a separate heater module. It is currently known that the heater is turned on when the heater temperature is 50, and the heater is turned off when the heating is completed. wind. So when you get in the car, there is temperature in the car. Let you and your family enjoy a pleasant and comfortable trip.

5KW water heater

5KW water heater

4. How to reduce costs

  Answer: Instead of the garage, what is the role of the garage? The heater can solve the problem of poor ignition and vehicle cooling. A heater has a long service life. The oldest machine I have seen on the market is 04 years old and it is still in normal use.

5. Energy saving and emission reduction

  Answer: It takes about 15 minutes for a normal vehicle to warm up, and the exhaust emission of a cold-start vehicle will exceed the standard. It does not save fuel at low idle. Only during normal driving will the idle speed become fuel-efficient. Taking a 1.6-displacement car as an example, a normal low idle speed costs about RMB 24 (air-fuel) for 1 hour, while the fuel consumption of the parking heater is only 1/4, which is about RMB 1 per start.