RV Parking Diesel Air Heating Heater

- Aug 27, 2020-

RV Parking Diesel Air Heating Heater

I believe that many old car friends should have seen the engine working animation. Through this kind of animation, we can see through the working process of the machine and other principles. In winter when it snows or is infinitely close to 0°, friends who drive have all stalled. When staying in a car, especially RVs and trucks, they will stop to rest. At this time, the engine's waste heat is used up, only wearing clothes or a quilt, freezing into icicles without heating is just around the corner. And your car door is frozen when it snows, so heating in the car is really essential. The heating fuels are wood coal, gas, kerosene, gasoline, diesel and electricity. Today I will introduce the animation working principle of diesel heater.

2kw air parking heater

The diesel heater for vehicles is only the size of a 1L mineral water bottle. There are air inlet and hot air outlets at both ends, oil inlet, air inlet and exhaust outlets at the bottom, and some wires need to be connected. It can be installed in the car where it is convenient for maintenance and exhaust gas. The heating outlet can be connected to a multi-air duct in various places in the RV. The internal working principle is that the control panel sets the temperature and starts the heater, and the intake fan starts. At this time, there will be wind blowing from the air outlet in the car, but it is just not heating. At this time, the fuel pump pumps diesel oil into the combustion chamber, mixes it with the combustion-supporting air at an independent inlet, and ignites in the combustion chamber, and the exhaust gas is discharged through an independent outlet. The combustion is the same as the ignition of a gas stove, except that it is covered in a sealed heat exchanger. After the heat exchanger is heated, the heat is transferred to the intake fan. The normal temperature air that is blown in becomes heating after being heated, and the heating is blown out through the air outlet.

This is the whole working principle, if you want to know more, please continue to follow us!