RV Camping Fuel Heater Knowledge

- Feb 24, 2021-

  Today, I will choose several popular parking fuel heaters for motorhomes. Although there are parking air conditioners in current cars, the effect is not very good in cold winters. Fuel heaters are most needed in motorhomes in winter. The configuration of fuel heaters can avoid the wear and tear of the engine when the engine is hot and cold. quickly.

Engine warm-up

Low loss: Warm up the engine to avoid the abrasion caused by the cold start of the engine, and protect the engine.

Economical and energy-saving: the heater can preheat the engine when the flame is off, saving fuel.

camper heater

Warm air

Low noise: Compared with the top-mounted air conditioner of the motorhome, the fuel heater has lower noise, ensuring that the motorhome life is not disturbed by noise, and you can sleep peacefully and keep your spirits to continue the journey the next day.

Independent use: The overhead air conditioner not only requires continuous external power supply, but is also affected by various environmental factors such as rain and snow. The fuel heater can be used independently and is not affected by the external environment.

4kw air and water combi heater

Hot water

Safety: throughout the heating process, the coolant always circulates in the sealed coolant pipeline, which is safe and convenient

Convenience: The fuel heater is equipped with a one-button start device, which is convenient and quick to operate; the ratio is adjusted by the adjustable tap of cold and hot water, and the heating and cooling are automatically controlled.

6KW E-Gas Hot Water and Warm Air Integrated Heater


  When using the parking heater, because of the high heat generation, no flammable and explosive materials can be placed near the parking heater.

The parking fuel heater cannot be activated when the fuel in the car is lower than 10%.

Use tips

Start the parking heater 30 minutes before driving

 Benefits: avoid cold start and extend engine life

When parking and resting, turn off the car engine and start the parking heater

    Benefits: safety, reduced emissions and possible inhalation of exhaust gas

Parking heater running time = car driving time

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