My country's refrigerated truck refrigeration unit market status

- Aug 14, 2020-

My country's refrigerated truck refrigeration unit market status

High market concentration

With the development of the cold chain, more and more refrigeration unit manufacturers have also increased. But overall, there are not many large-scale enterprises, and the market concentration is relatively high.

Unbalanced market developmenttext something to introduce yourself!

As my country's refrigerated transportation started late, compared with developed countries, the development is still very backward and uneven.

From the perspective of the types of transport of perishable goods, refrigerated transportation is mainly concentrated in areas with high added value such as meat, aquatic products, quick-frozen foods, medicines (including biopharmaceuticals, blood, vaccines), and other value-added fields such as fruits and vegetables. The application in the lower areas is very low, and the refrigerated transportation rate is only 15%.

From a geographical point of view, refrigeration units are mainly used in East China, North China, and South China, where the economy is developed and the cold chain level is high, while the Southwest and Northwest regions where the economy is underdeveloped are relatively low. Overall, the demand for refrigerated transportation in cities is much higher than in rural areas.

 Dependent units dominate the mainstream

In my country, non-independent units occupy the mainstream of the market, accounting for about 80% of the entire market. This is mainly determined by the characteristics of our city and population. China’s cities are large in scale and densely populated. Most of the perishables can be consumed locally or in surrounding cities. Non-independent units are mainly used for intra-city distribution and short-distance cities: generally, non-independent units have lower prices. This is also one of the reasons why non-independent units occupy the mainstream position.

Independent unit research and development capabilities need to be improved

Refrigeration units for refrigerated transportation are different from household or commercial air-conditioning refrigeration units, and require higher mechanical strength, operational stability, and reliability of the unit, so the technical threshold is relatively high.