Questions for Combi Heater in Diesel

- Nov 26, 2020-

1.   Is it a copy of Truma?

It is similar to Truma. And it is our own technic for electronic programs

2.   Is the Combi heater compatible with Truma?

Some parts can be used in Truma, such as pipes, air outlet, hose clamps.heater house, fan impeller and so on.

3.   Must the 4pcs air outlets be open at the same time?

Yes, 4 pcs air outlets should be open at the same time. but the air volume of the air outlet can be adjusted.

4.   Does the kit include pipes?


1 pc exhaust pipe

1 pc air intake pipe

2 pcs hot air pipes, every pipe is 4 meter.

5.   How long does it take to heat 10L of water for shower?

About 30 minutes

air and water combi heater.png

air and water combi heater.png

6.Working height of heater ? 

The current working altitude is 0-1500 meters. The high-altitude mode heater is under study, which can reach 5000 meters and is expected to be completed within 3 months.

7. How to operate the high altitude mode?

Automatic operation without human operation

8. Can it work on 24v? 

Yes, just need a voltage converter to adjust 24v to 12v.

9. What is the working voltage range? 


High voltage is 200V-250V

10. Can it be controlled via a mobile app? 

So far we do not have it, and It is under development.

11.About heat release

If only use diesel, it is 4kw

If only use electricity, it is 2kw

Hybrid diesel and electricity can reach 6kw