Problems That Must Be Paid Attention To In The Installation And Use Of Diesel Heaters

- Dec 25, 2020-

   Diesel heating parking heater is a heating device for vehicles. It is generally used for heating the cab of a truck. It can be used when driving or parking, and it saves money and fuels. Nowadays, in winter traffic jams or sleeping in the car at night, it is unrealistic to keep the car warm, so drivers usually install diesel heaters. Because he works independently, driving and parking are not affected, so he is very popular with drivers.

  Diesel is dangerous. It is recommended that you go to a regular channel to find a qualified maintenance worker to install it and choose a large and reliable brand. After all, changing various pipelines is not a simple task. Don’t just find a roadside stall. If the technology is not good enough, it is very troublesome to have problems. The main reason is that the oil circuit and circuit of the original vehicle need to be modified to install the diesel heater in the later period. If the modification is not standardized, the safety is not up to the standard, and various problems will easily occur. Carbon monoxide poisoning is also prone to occur during use, and such cases are not rare. Therefore, everyone should pay more attention to installation and use.

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Pay attention to the following points when installing heating:

1. Keep the exhaust pipe away from the cab

   Generally speaking, Diesel heaters will be installed close to the cab. When installing the exhaust pipe, try to stay away from the cab to avoid the carbon monoxide emitted from entering the cab. The exhaust port should also face the rear to avoid blowing harmful gases into the driving direction when driving.

2. Remember to leave a slit in the car window at night. 

   Carbon monoxide will not only be emitted from the emission tube, but sometimes also enter the cab with hot air, so when using diesel heaters, remember to leave a slit in the window. Maintain air circulation inside and outside to avoid poisoning caused by excessive carbon monoxide.

It is recommended that you can buy a simple carbon monoxide alarm device, the price is relatively cheap, installed in the cab, if the carbon monoxide exceeds the standard, it will alarm and remind you, which is safer.

3. Choose alternative products when buying a car

  There are certain illegal and safety risks in the later installation of diesel heaters. In response to the heating needs of card friends in winter, many manufacturers now provide northern packs, parking heaters, fuel tank heating, etc. for everyone to choose from in the vehicle factory configuration. If you have a demand, you can consider these alternative products that you can choose from the factory when buying a car.

  Of course, if some old car users cannot choose alternative products, they must pay more attention to safety in the process of using diesel heating. After all, personal safety is the most important thing. Don't let the tragedy of wrong use of diesel heating happen again.