Precautions for summer maintenance of air heater

- Sep 11, 2020-

Precautions for summer maintenance of air heater

1.During the daily maintenance, please pay attention to check whether there is fuel leakage from the lower part of the heater when the machine is stopped. Once oil leaks are found, perform repairs immediately. Oil leakage from the heater may cause a fire.

2. When you use the heater for the first time every year, please check the heater condition first to make sure that the heater switch turns flexibly, the air intake and exhaust are smooth, and there is no blockage or other foreign matter. It is best to blow the dust on the combustion-supporting hole with the air pump nozzle before starting the machine.

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3. The environment where the heater is used is very dusty, and the combustion hole is easy to be blocked; daily maintenance of the heater can also use the air pump nozzle on the car every month to remove the ignition plug rubber dust cover, aim at the position of the combustion hole, and blow After blowing through the combustion-supporting hole, the rubber dust cover must be restored and plugged tightly.