Precautions For Installation of Air Heating Heater(3)

- Nov 25, 2020-

Operation and working status

1: Carry out a safety check before starting. After stopping use for a long time (in summer), you must insert a fuse and/or connect the heater to the battery. Please check whether the components are installed firmly (tighten the screws if necessary). Check the fuel system for leaks by visual inspection.

2: After installing the heater, exhaust the entire fuel supply system well. The regulations of the car manufacturer must be observed here.

3: When testing the heater, check whether the connection of the fuel supply pipe is sealed and whether the installation is stable.

4: If the heater fails during operation, the diagnosis device should be used to determine the cause of the failure and eliminate it.


1: Be careful not to damage the insulation of the wire. Should be avoided: scratches, discounts, pinching or being affected by heat.

2: For waterproof plugs, use blind plugs to seal the unoccupied plug cavity so that dirt and water are not allowed to enter.

3: Must be corrosion-free and firmly realize the electrical plug connection and grounding.

4: Apply anti-contact grease to connectors and grounding connections used outdoors.

air and water combi heater

air and water combi heater

air and water combi heater

air and water combi heater


1: After the installation test is completed, due to the safe use of training for the owner, and the notification that the heater should be turned on for about 10 minutes every month outside the heating period.

2: Do not use water heaters in closed rooms such as garages or parking buildings.

3: Only professional technicians are allowed to install the water heater in accordance with the requirements in this manual and possible special installation suggestions and perform maintenance work that may occur during and outside the warranty period.

4: Violation of the regulations and important regulations concerning safety and/or functionality contained in the installation and operation manual during installation or operation. This applies especially to electrical wiring, fuel supply, combustion air input and exhaust gas emissions.

5: Only original accessories and original spare parts are allowed during installation or maintenance.

6: Only original operating elements are allowed to operate the heater. The use of other operating elements may cause malfunctions.

7: The damaged fuse must be replaced with a fuse with a specified insurance value.

8: Before reinstalling the water heater on another car, flush the water pipe with clean water.

9: Only allow the coolant approved by the vehicle manufacturer, see vehicle operation instructions. Mixing with other unauthorized coolants will cause damage to the engine and heater.

10: The water heater is only allowed to be used in the application areas specified by the manufacturer, and the "Operation Manual" attached to each water heater should be followed.