Precautions And Tips For Use Of RV

- Nov 17, 2020-

  When the parking heater is used, because of the high heat generated, no flammable and explosive materials can be placed near the parking heater.

   At the same time, when the fuel in the car is lower than 10%, the parking fuel heater cannot be activated.

Use tips

  It is best to turn on the parking heater before you travel, that is, about 30 minutes before driving, so that it can be fully heated.

Rv air and water combi heater

application 14.png


   Avoid cold starting of the vehicle and extend the service life of the engine. When parking and resting, you can turn off the car engine and start the parking heater. Ensure fuel economy.


  When the fuel heater is used, the engine can be turned off, so the exhaust emissions of the vehicle are reduced, and the personnel can avoid inhaling harmful gases when living in the vehicle, which effectively improves the safety.