Parking heaters work

- Feb 18, 2017-

Parking heater is burning the car's fuel, water cycle to heat the engine and inside the cab, and solve the problem of car window frost. In cold conditions, the engine can be heated to 80 degrees, driving indoor can be heated to 20 degrees, which means not only comfort in the cockpit, vehicle engines have also been warming up. So how do parking heaters work so as to achieve the result?

1. use digital timer remote control, mobile phone, or any kind of way to start parking heaters.

2. after the device starts, metering pump from the heater fuel within the tank.

3. the heater glow plug in power began heating up, while the ambient air into the heater.

4. fuel vaporized the after glow plugs. When the required temperature is reached, air/fuel mixture is ignited.

5. coolant flow through the heater, heats and then is pumped to the coolant loop.

6. hot water into the car's radiator and directly by the fan will blow warm air into the compartment.

7. hot water flow from the radiator to the engine, and heating of the engine.

8. after the heating return coolant to the heater, the loop begins again.

Also, parking heater fuel consumption low, vehicle heating only 0.1 liters of gasoline or diesel. While waiting, turn off engine, open parking heater, you can keep the temperature inside the car. In addition, after the replacement of the vehicle, the heater can be changed at any time to a new car, one input, a lifetime.