Parking Heaters that look similar, often vary different in quality

- Aug 23, 2018-

Recentlly many customers told me that they found other suppliers also sell the same air parking heatr as us. The LCD digital controller looks exactly the same!

But I want to explain about it!!! They are totally different in quality.

Although the heaters look the same, but in fact they are very different in quality! in China, one factory specially produces controllers, and other heater factories buy controllers from him. We also buy this controller from him, and we produce the other heater parts by ourselves(such as blower motor, fuel pump)  I promise our quality is very good! Because our glow pin is from Japan, it is Kyocera material, fuel pump and blower motor are also the best in China. So if you see the same controller, it does not mean that the quality of heater is the same!


new LCD digital controller.jpg