Parking heater used in the temperature is not enough for what reason

- Dec 14, 2017-

Parking heater is currently the highest utilization rate,If the parking heater is installed and found that the temperature is always up to how to deal with it?

When the pelletizer similar to high-power, the installation of parking heater, the total temperature does not reach. The general situation is not enough power. Can increase the actual power to achieve. If you determine the actual power is not small, this is caused by the material of the barrel, different materials absorb heat at different operating frequencies are also different. Should try to increase the capacity of the resonant capacitor, so that the Q value increases to increase the coil high-frequency current. Can make the barrel temperature uniform inside and outside to achieve to raise the barrel temperature.

When the injection molding machine is similar to low-power, some machines are always a little worse after installing the parking heater. Sometimes people always get puzzled, most of them are not the reason for small power installation, which is due to the original PID controller output temperature controller caused by the method, the start signal is very short, the parking heater have not had time to work , Again broken. Therefore, the parking heater handles the stop state most of the time without heating. At this point we can adjust the machine in the open delay working hours, to meet the temperature requirements.