Parking heater how to install

- Feb 18, 2017-

Domestic automobile manufacturers used mostly for parking heaters in the initial stage, many owners are not very familiar with in the installation, use, produced some installation issues, effect affect parking heater, so it focuses on installing noteworthy points for installation reference.

(1) lay out prior to installing the heater on in the car, first calculated the original generator power is abundant, namely heating total power consumption with the vehicle the maximum power consumption of the system and shall not be more than generating maximum power. Generator power is small, should choose natural radiator if there is still not enough, you must consider replacing the larger generators.

(2) parking heaters and pumps should be loaded down as much as possible, and must be installed in the water tank below the coolant level. Expansion water tank and the water inlet should be at the top. Expansion tank overflow hose towards body skirts.

(3) parking heaters should be installed nameplate outside whenever possible. If you have difficulties, you can copy a plaque mounted on the outer surface of the heater.

(4) in line with the parking heater connection, are allowed to remove plastic dust cover on the heater inlet and outlet to ensure the internal cleaning of the pipe system.

(5) installation, you must pay attention to parking heater heater Shield ends and should leave some space between the bulkheads, to shield disassembly.

(6) parking heaters radiators usually have strong systems and nature in two ways. Natural cooling with no noise, no power consumption, high reliability characteristics; and compulsion may be blowing in the dust on the floor and air cleanliness and comfort. Therefore, the General selection of natural heat sink better. Note that if there is bathroom, should set the radiator.

(7) after the system is installed, it should pay attention to when you add coolant, should not only keep enough in the expansion tank coolant, the upper part should also leave enough space so that coolant heat expansion will not overflow.

Finally, the allowed working temperature range is different for different engine, so after parking heater connected to the vehicle cooling system should pay attention to the determination of the conditions of water temperature. If they do not comply with the engine requirements, parking heaters should be analyzed and adjusted accordingly.