Wind coalescing heaters appear carbon deposition reasons and cleaning methods.

- Feb 01, 2018-

After the coke is formed in the combustion chamber of the wind-warm heater, once the coke is not cleaned up in a timely manner, a large amount of accumulation will result in the failure of the heater to fire, the heater to smoke, and so on.

Causes of carbon deposition:

There are two reasons for the coke generation in the car air heater, that is, the incomplete combustion of the fuel, the low quality of the oil and the low quality of the oil are the main reasons.

1, inadequate combustion of fuel: When the pump oil demand is greater than the long-term combustion of the fuel combustion chamber is not sufficient to form a coke, this time can not pump the case of the heater is dry 3 to 5 times, if circumstances Not to ease and then clean up coke.

2, the low quality of oil: Many drivers use small gas stations, these oils in terms of professional is low refining and mixing oil, which incorporates a lot of waste oil smelting biodiesel, these low quality oil impurities More water, larger particles of combustion and other substances more, long-term accumulation led to the combustion chamber coke, it is proposed that the majority of drivers use high-quality fuel.

Clean up carbon deposition method:

Open the warm air heater, first with a flat-bladed screwdriver to clean the burner, the combustion tube and the inner wall of the furnace carbon deposition, and then clean the burner cleaning agent, the last blow with a gas burner, if the gas is not required to replace the burner ; Be careful not to destroy any parts during the dismantling of the heater and clean-up coke to avoid damage to the machine.