NF 2kw 12v Gasoline Air Parking Heater is Coming

- Sep 24, 2020-

  The main equipment of Model 2KW air parking heater (hereinafter referred to as the heater) is a small fuel furnace controlled by a single-chip micro- processor. Its furnace body (the heat exchanger) is located in the hood-shape case, which serves as independent air passage. Cold air is sucked into the air passage by the heat supplying fan and blown out when it becomes hot, so as to form another heating system that is independent to the original heating system of the vehicles. In such a way, heat can be supplied by the heater to driver’s cab and passengers’ compartment no matter the engine is working or not working.The heater is fully automatically controlled. It features in compact structure, easy installation, energy-saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability, easy maintenance, etc.

Product manual

  The heater uses light gasoline as fuel, and is controlled by a small single-chip microcomputer. The heating fan wheel sucks in cold air and blows it into the cab and compartment after heating to form a heating system independent of the original car heating system.

2kw 12v Gasoline Air Parking Heater

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1. Heating of truck cabs, heating of electric vehicles

2. Warm the compartments of medium-sized buses (Ivy Temple, Ford Transit, etc.)

3. The vehicle needs to be kept warm in winter (such as transporting vegetables and fruits)

4. Various special vehicles for field operations to heat

5. Heating of various ships

Main Technical Specifications 

Heat Power (W)2000
Fuel Gasoline
Rated Voltage 12V
Fuel Consumption0.14~0.27
Rated Power Consumption (W)14~29
Working (Environment) Temperature-40~+20
Working height above sea level1500m
Weight of Main Heater (kg)2.6
Dimensions (mm)Length323±2 width 120±1 height121±1
Mobile phone controlOptionalNo limitationGSM network coverage
Remote controlOptionalWithout obstacles800m

2kw 12v Gasoline Air Parking Heater

Product advantages

1. Smart plateau function

2. Compact structure, volume, convenient installation

3. Fuel saving, emission reduction and environmental protection

4. Quiet operation, fast heating, stable performance, easy to operate 5. Self-protection and self-diagnosis function