Misunderstanding of the maintenance of the parking heater

- Nov 25, 2020-

Misunderstanding of the maintenance of the parking heater

Winter is here, are you and your car ready for the winter? "Three-point repair, seven-point maintenance", as the best time for inspection and maintenance every year, how to maintain your car in autumn and winter has naturally become a topic of concern to everyone. Today, Nanfeng Company will come to talk to you about the love of "overwhelming too much" in the maintenance of the autumn and winter seasons!

With the development of the times, car owners have gradually strengthened their awareness of car maintenance. They no longer think that a few simple maintenance after buying a car can be done once and for all. Many car owners have begun to develop a good habit of caring for regular maintenance and caring. However, doing too much or too little is incorrect, and the same is true for car maintenance. It’s not right to let your car go unchecked, but to over-maintain your car is also a kind of harm. In fact, cars are also prone to "wealth disease", and the culprits are those who "spoil" them too much and those who seem to be correct maintenance misunderstandings.

Misunderstanding one

Change antifreeze every year

More and more car owners rely on the advantages of antifreeze, low boiling point, corrosion resistance, and anti-scaling, and use antifreeze all year round. But the “spoiling” of the car makes the car owner blindly “use the best” and “replace the new one”, causing unnecessary waste.

A few days ago, I went to a famous car maintenance shop. I saw a car owner's large stepping door requesting to change the antifreeze. The mechanic had to do it right away-pushing the tool cart, swinging the sink, and pulling out the water block. Within a few minutes, the water tank under the car was already overflowing with green liquid. It may be the pressure of the sales task. The mechanic never spends a few minutes to measure the freezing point of the antifreeze and then suggest to the user whether to change it or not...

Expert opinion: If there is still water in the cooling system, it is recommended that you replace it with antifreeze immediately.

Generally speaking, the replacement period of antifreeze is about two years. If your car has been using antifreeze, it is recommended to check the freezing point of the antifreeze before deciding whether to replace it. If the car has a long service life, when replacing the antifreeze, you can use some cleaning agents to clean the engine cooling system.

If white crystalline traces appear on the surface of the vehicle's water tank, it indicates that the water tank may be leaking, but there is no need to rush to replace it. A bottle of tens of yuan of water tank plugging agent may save you hundreds of yuan.

Misunderstanding 2

Lubricants are only expensive

For some car owners who are "not bad for money", sometimes in order to save worry and troubles, when buying products, they are often "not for the best, but for the most expensive", hoping to buy at a high price for peace of mind. In fact, for different vehicles, the choice of lubricants is also different, and the most expensive one may not suit your "appetite" for your car.

Expert opinion: It is recommended to use SAE0W/30 or SAE5W/30 lubricants for autumn maintenance. Because in the coming low temperature period, they can provide better protection for the car. In addition, don't just look at API standards when buying lubricants. Your car now needs a barrel of APISJ oil for winter instead of a barrel of APISL summer oil.