Checking method for uncooled automobile air conditioner

- Aug 17, 2020-

Checking method for uncooled automobile air conditioner

Compressor operating status

(1) Is the transmission belt broken or loose? If the transmission belt is too loose, it will slip, accelerate wear and fail to transmit power.

(2) Is there a noise inside the compressor? The noise may be caused by damaged internal parts, and internal wear can't be effectively compressed.

(3) Is the compressor clutch slipping?

Condenser and fan status

(1) Is the condenser fins covered with dust?

(2) Is the condenser fan running well?

(3)The blower fan is running in a strong state and the machine is low It runs at, medium and high speeds. If there is abnormal noise or the motor is running poorly, it should be repaired or replaced, otherwise the supply air flow is insufficient.


Check the amount of refrigerant

(1) If you see a large number of bubbles through the observation window, it indicates that the refrigerant is insufficient. If water is poured on the condenser to cool it down, no foam can be seen in the observation window, indicating that the refrigerant is excessive.

(2) Check whether the joints and joints of each device are greasy dirt at the joints and joints, indicating that there is refrigerant leakage in the joints, and the parts should be tightened again or replaced. (Leak detector can be used) 

(3)Is the heating valve and thermal control windshield closed? Is other windshield adjustment normal? (Note: If the compressor clutch cannot be engaged, the blower fan cannot operate, the condenser fan cannot rotate, etc., the electrical system should be checked first, such as relays, sensors, circuit breaks and short circuits, control units, etc.)..