Maintenance instructions for parking heater:

- Dec 14, 2020-

●Before each heating season, a qualified professional must conduct an inspection and implement the following maintenance work:

1. Check whether there is pollution and foreign matter in the air inlet.

2. Clean the outside of the heater.

3. Check whether the circuit connector is corroded and loose.

4. Check whether the intake pipe/exhaust pipe is blocked or damaged.

5. Check if there is any leakage in the fuel line.

4kw hybrid heater.png

air and water combi heater

●In the non-use season of the year, ensure that the gas turbine is at least once a month, and the time cannot be less than ten minutes. This will help the system to be in working condition, so that the motor will not be easy to jam and the oil pump will not be easy to colloid.

●When changing to low-temperature fuel, keep the heater running for at least 15 minutes to inject new fuel into the fuel line and fuel pump.

●The heat exchanger of the heater cannot be used for more than 10 years. After expiration, it must be replaced by genuine parts and replaced by the heater manufacturer or its authorized agent. At this time, the overheat sensor must also be replaced at the same time.

●When performing electric welding operations on the car, the positive wire of the heater's power supply should be disconnected from the battery and grounded to prevent damage to the controller.

●The ambient temperature of the heater during transportation/storage should not exceed the range of -40°C-85°C to prevent damage to electronic components.