Location distribution of fuel heater

- Dec 28, 2020-

Location distribution of fuel heater

Car heaters share the layout of fuel heaters. If the user is very close to the oil supply pump room, the heater can be installed on the outlet pipe of the oil supply pump outside the oil pump room for centralized heating and oil supply.

If the user is far away from the oil supply pump room, it is more appropriate for the heater to be located near the user. Because the hot oil with high temperature is transported far away, the heat loss along the line is large, and it is difficult to ensure the oil temperature required by the user. When the fuel oil heaters are arranged in a centralized manner, if they are installed on the main pipes sent to each furnace in the workshop, the amount of heating oil is taken from the fuel consumption of 1 to 2 furnaces that consume more fuel, plus the average fuel consumption of the remaining furnaces. If a large return system is used, the return oil flow through the heater should be added to the return oil volume.

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If the fuel heaters are installed in front of each furnace, the amount of heating oil is based on the fuel consumption of the furnace. If there is hot oil return, the oil return amount must be added.

The heater is generally not considered for backup, and a bypass pipe is set between the inlet and outlet, and the cleaning and maintenance of the heater are carried out in conjunction with the user's maintenance. When installing multiple groups of heaters, group isolation measures should be considered to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Car heater sharing the layout of the fuel heater hopes to be helpful to you.