Liquid heater maintenance

- Sep 10, 2020-

Liquid heater maintenance

1. When using the heater for the first time every year, please check the heater first. It is best to blow through the dust on the combustion-supporting hole with the air pump nozzle before turning on; or it is in the normal period of use.Otherwise, the heater should be activated once a month, and it will burn normally for more than 20 minutes.

2. Confirm whether the outer skin of the contact point between the heater harness and the heater main body, the floor of the vehicle and the partition of the car body is damaged. If the sheath of the wiring harness is damaged, it may cause a short circuit.

3. Check whether the air inlet and hot air outlet are kept unobstructed, free from blockages or other foreign objects.

4. Check whether the combustion-supporting air inlet and exhaust gas outlet are unobstructed and kept in the correct installation state.

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15kw liquid heater

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12kw liquid heater

5. When the oil path is too long, it is necessary to repeat the pumping operation many times. It is allowed to turn off the oil after pumping the oil once after starting the machine, and then turn it on again as a cycle. It is recommended that the oil pipe is particularly long to look at the place where the oil arrives in a place that is convenient for observation, to avoid the oil being pumped to the heater pipe inlet and continue to pump oil. If the heater has too much oil, there will be smoke for a long time after ignition, and it will take a while to burn out the excess oil

6. Check whether the fuel in the fuel tank is sufficient, and the heater must use diesel fuel that meets the mark. 

7. The electromagnetic oil pump matched with the liquid heater and the air heater cannot be used interchangeably. 

The environment where the heater is used is very dusty, and the combustion-supporting hole is easy to be blocked; for daily maintenance, the heater can also use the air pump nozzle on the car every month to remove the ignition plug rubber dust cover, aim at the position of the combustion-supporting hole, and blow through the combustion-supporting hole After blowing through the small holes, the rubber dust cover must be restored and plugged tightly.