Knowledge of RV parking heater

- Sep 01, 2020-

Knowledge of RV parking heater

The so-called parking heating refers to a small combustion cycle heating system that operates independently of the engine. It burns the fuel in the car to heat the coolant in the water tank so that the car and the engine can be heated without starting the car. This system is widely used in fields such as cars, buses, engineering vehicles, and yachts.

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The characteristics of the parking heating system are:

1. Independent work: This heating system works independently of the engine. The entire process only needs to rely on battery power to drive the coolant pump and air-conditioning blower. The engine does not participate in operation, which effectively protects the vehicle.

2. High flexibility: The system can not only be turned on manually, but also can be turned on by timing, remote control, and mobile phone text messages or phone calls, with high flexibility.

3. Whole vehicle heating: Since the parking heater works by heating the coolant in the water tank, the engine is also heated when the temperature in the cabin is heated, eliminating the trouble of preheating after starting the vehicle in winter. Also make the engine cold start wear lower.

How to do self-checking and maintenance work on the parking heater of one's own RV? details as follows:

1. If the heater has not been used for a long time, please confirm the following when restarting the heater:

a. The heater appearance (especially the head part) is not seriously damaged

b. The heater's oil circuit, water circuit (only plumbing heater), and circuit (fuse) are all connected normally

c. The inlet and outlet of the heater are unobstructed without foreign matter

2. The heater must be operated once every time the high-grade winter diesel or coolant is changed, and the burning time is not less than 30 minutes