Jet liquid heater you deserve

- Feb 04, 2021-

Jet liquid heater is a digital-control warming equipment independent of motor,its controll part has many functions :open at low temperature,stop at high temperature,alarm and stop when in trouble,show water temperature. It is also set multiple protection measure. As bus warm equipment , it has lots of performance super to congener products:

1 supplying oil is not affected by voltage to make combustion more steady.

2 back-oil makes products ecnomizing energy

3 newly heat exchange device can raise heat efficiency

4 using hi-voltage oil fog and hi-voltage electrode igniter,opening and closing do not cause pollution , jet liquid heater can apply to pre-heat water-cool motor in low temperature,it can keep refrigerant between 65℃ and 80℃ automotically. Using it to pre-heat motor in winter will reduce motor damage ,decrease oil-exhausting  and prolong life of motor.

NF 30kw diesel heater 1


1Fuel is diesel, kerosene is not fit, No petrol!

2In winter ,when temperature is below 0℃,add antifreeze into heater,if adding water, heater should be empty everyday to prevent freezing

3Rated voltage: DC24V

4Being be prohibitted from shutting down general power before combustion light quenches

5Being prohibitted from changing any parts ,or not ,it will not at the range of maintenance

6usage enviroment:

6-1 usage temperature:-40℃~+50℃

6-2 storage temperature:-50℃~+80℃

6-3 altitude ≤3000M (>3000M  special order)