Is the on-board independent diesel parking heater easy to use?

- Sep 09, 2020-

There is heating and air conditioning in the car, why install an independent parking heater?

The heating system of the car itself can only be used when the vehicle is started. When the vehicle is turned off, it cannot provide heat for the drivers and passengers to keep warm. For example, when a truck is waiting for loading, unloading, serious traffic jams, etc., it is obviously Unrealistic, traditional fuel vehicles not only consume more fuel when idling for a long time, but also easily produce carbon deposits, which can cause vehicle failures. The most intuitive impact of new energy electric vehicles is that their endurance is greatly reduced.

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Why is the on-board independent diesel parking heater easy to use?

The diesel parking heater is an on-board independent auxiliary heating heating device, which can be used without starting the vehicle. It not only has low fuel consumption, but also consumes very little power. After the fuel vehicle is installed, it can be turned off while waiting for a long time, and the on-board heater can be turned on to keep warm, which not only saves fuel but also helps maintain the engine; after the new energy electric vehicle is installed, whether it is driving or turning off, the vehicle can be turned on independently The heater is used for heating, which can effectively save power and extend battery life. The on-board independent diesel parking heater is relatively simple to install, with few changes to the original car, simple to use, and more functions. Different types of heaters can have different effects, such as air heaters to obtain heat quickly, liquid heaters It can be used to warm up the engine and keep the battery pack warm while heating the heat.