Installation Of Parking Heater

- Sep 09, 2020-

Installation Of Parking Heater

1. Fixation of oil can and oil pump:

The fixed position of the oil pot should facilitate subsequent fuel filling while taking care not to affect the lift of the front of the car.

Recommendations for installation of the oil pump: The oil outlet should be higher than the oil inlet, and an angle of 45°-60° is appropriate.

2. Fixing of intake pipe, exhaust pipe and oil pipe:

The difference between the outlet of the intake pipe and the exhaust pipe should be more than 15cm to prevent the exhaust gas from being sucked into the machine again

The temperature of the exhaust pipe will reach about 200° when the heater is working. Therefore, when fixing the exhaust pipe, avoid the wiring and oil circuit. If conditions permit, you can blow the engine.

5kw 12/24v liquid parking preheater

5kw 12/24v liquid parking preheater

3. Fixing of the host:

The fixation of the host mainly pays attention to the following points:

First: The host must be stable. There are two main ways to install the host. The most used one is the installation in the schematic diagram. The exhaust pipe is installed vertically, and the other installation method is the exhaust pipe and the car wall. Vertical installation method, but the installation requirements of this method are relatively high. The heating plug must be facing upwards, otherwise there will be a situation of fuel overflow, which poses a great safety hazard.

Second: The air inlet of the main engine must leave an air intake distance of more than 5cm, and the air outlet must be kept unobstructed. Of course, nothing can be placed on the heater to prevent the heater from shutting down at high temperature or even the thermosetting plastic shell during operation. Deformation of baking.

Third: The installation of the parking heater should take into account the overhaul, so try to leave more than 5cm of the left and right spaces of the body to ensure convenient overhaul.