In winter, you need to pay attention to these problems of vehicles

- Oct 30, 2020-

  Driving safety comes first in winter. In the extreme cold weather is approaching, you must know these vehicle-related issues!

1. Since low temperature will cause the viscosity of the engine oil to increase, it is recommended that you use engine oil with a higher viscosity level. At the same time, in order to protect the engine, it is recommended that you do not insert the key and drive immediately before leaving the car, and perform a simple preheating of the car.

2. In the case of ultra-low temperature, the engine may not ignite smoothly. If you fail to start the car after three or four consecutive ignitions, please do not ignite the car. This will cause the car's starting device and battery. Damage. At this time, please take out your phone and call the 4S store rescue number. In case of severe cold weather, it is best to maintain the battery in advance.

3. Under the special environment (ultra-low temperature) in special areas, try to carefully observe the icing of the chassis before leaving the vehicle, and correctly use the vehicle's shock absorber, steering assist and other hydraulic and hydraulic components during driving. Especially in the cold car (just started) state, please try to reduce the full rudder steering or pass the ditch with a large span to protect the shock absorber and steering assist parts, otherwise it will be broken or broken accidentally. Broken...

4. If the wiper is stuck to the glass, do not pour it with boiling water. Start the engine, turn on the warm air, and sprinkle an appropriate amount of alcohol solvent on the wiper blade. The ice will melt in a few minutes; after washing the car , Please dry the keyhole on the door, and also use a dry cloth to wipe off the water droplets around the door to avoid freezing the keyhole.

5. Please pay attention to keeping the vehicle warm. It is best to park the vehicle in the garage; if it is parked in the open, it is best to cover it with a car jacket.

6. In winter, the rubber becomes hard and relatively brittle, which not only reduces the friction system, but also tends to leak air and puncture tires compared with other seasons. You only need to do one thing after you get home from get off work today. Take a pair of tweezers to clean up the pebbles and debris stuck in your tire. When the temperature drops tomorrow, the rubber will harden and the tire will be punctured...

7. During the driving process, please don't accelerate, brake and other drastic driving methods, and drive smoothly. When passing icy and snowy roads, please pay special attention to keeping a safe distance and adopt correct driving methods.