How to use 5kw RV water heater mobile phone controller

- Sep 14, 2020-

How to use 5kw RV water heater mobile phone controller?

General information

Thank you for choosing our company's GSM mobile phone controller, using this product you can quickly control your car heater system. This manual summarizes all the functions of the phone to activate the GSM module.

In order to use the phone to start, you need a SIM card "(This mobile phone module does not support telecommunications SIM card)" The SIM card does not belong to the scope of GSM mobile phone module products. Please consult the network operator to which the SIM card belongs for the tariff information for calling or SMS.


1. GSM module binding

The mobile phone module needs to be bound to control the mobile phone number of this device for the first time. This device can bind three mobile phone numbers, for example, the binding command, 1234ACCLIM: 1XXXXXXXXX: 1XXXXXXX:1XXXXXXXX: Three numbers, if it is a mobile phone number, the last two can be left blank. Note that the colon must be filled in. See "Attached Table" for SMS instructions.

2. Manually bind numbers

If the GSM module has not been bound with a mobile phone number, you can press the manual switch once within 10 seconds of the light flashing when the GSM module is powered for the first time, and the indicator light is on. Then use the mobile phone with the mobile phone number that operates this module. , Make a call to the mobile phone number in the GSM module (you need to wait 10-60 seconds for the first connection) If the GSM module hangs up, the manual switch indicator goes out, which proves that the binding is successful.


3. GSM default working hours

The default working time of GSM and mobile phone modules is 30 minutes. In order to avoid the heater working time being longer than the driving time, causing the car battery to drain, we recommend that the heating time corresponds to the heater working time, (one way)

4. GSM factory reset operation

Change the phone card,or re-bind the mobile phone number, you can restore the factory settings of the GSM module and re-bind it. The SMS command operation can restore the factory settings. Note that it must be a bound number to restore the factory settings. If the phone number cannot be operated, you can manually restore the factory settings. The steps are as follows: 1. Power off the GSM module, 2. Press and hold the manual switch of the GSM module without releasing it, 3. Power on the GSM module, and the manual switch will light up and release the manual switch. Power off the GSM for 5 seconds and restart the power supply. If the manual switch light flashes, it means that the factory settings are restored successfully.

5. The phone activates the GSM module

After the number is successfully bound, you can start the GSM module with the call, dial the mobile phone number in the GSM module, wait for the GSM module to hang up, the GSM module rings 3 times to hang up, the GSM module starts, the manual switch indicator light is on, and Reply to the activated mobile phone number to activate the SMS command. If the signal is not good, there will be a delay in the response time, which is normal.