How To Solve The Parking Air Conditioner Power Supply?

- Aug 24, 2020-

How to solve the parking air conditioner power supply?

Question: Can the parking air conditioner use the electricity from the auxiliary battery on the car?

The parking air conditioner cannot use the battery of the auxiliary battery on the car. At present, the general safety auxiliary battery of the motorhome is a maintenance-free lead-acid battery. The 300AH lead-acid battery weighing 100 kg can only be used for 3 hours. The high-power parking air conditioner During use, the battery will be over-discharged, and over-discharge will cause the battery to be directly scrapped. Because the battery is too heavy and takes up space in the car, excessively increasing the battery capacity will reduce the performance of the vehicle, which is not desirable.

Although iron-lithium batteries are light in weight, they may explode due to excessive discharge and impact, which poses a safety hazard to vehicle personnel.

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Question: What is the cooling and heating power of the parking air conditioner? What power generator should be matched?

The refrigeration power of single refrigeration air conditioner is about 1000W, which can be matched with a 1600W generator.

The heating power of the cold and hot air conditioner is about 2200W, the power when the cooling is started is also 2300 watts, the cooling start time is about 10 minutes, and the power when the cooling operation is 1200W. The 2200W power generator of the heating and cooling air conditioner needs to be 2600W-3000W.

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