How To Solve The Hot Water Bath In The RV

- Sep 25, 2020-

  1. The RV itself has its own water storage tank, which can meet the daily water consumption, but only according to the number of times and conditions you use. Generally, if the RV is filled with water, at least 2 to 3 people can use water for one to two days. This is not absolute. If you are as open as your home, there is not enough water to wash the hot algae.

  2. There is a water storage tank on the RV. Waste water and sewage will also be stored to a special low discharge point or discharged outdoors without affecting the environment and others.

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RV heater

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  3. Of course, these refer to the true meaning of RVs. Most imported RVs have this function, and some domestic RVs do not have water storage and storage tanks in order to reduce costs. In addition, when there is a water storage tank or a water storage tank, the pressure is supplied by the vehicle.

  4. The other is external water and electricity. Where there is a water source and power source, a large-capacity water heater can be installed to take a bath with an external water pipe and wire.