How to Improve the Working Efficiency of Diesel Heater?

- Dec 28, 2017-

In order to improve the thermal efficiency of diesel heaters, the design will be carried out a variety of analytical studies through research and years of experience found that usually by using one of the following four methods or a combination of methods between them, can achieve heat up The purpose of thermal efficiency. The following small series for everyone to introduce ways to improve the efficiency of diesel heaters.

1, increase convection heat transfer area. Increase the heat transfer area can mention heater thermal efficiency. Generally, the method of increasing convection section FGS heat area is adopted so as to achieve the purpose of improving the thermal efficiency of the diesel heater.

2, set the air preheater. One of the most effective measures to increase the thermal efficiency of diesel heaters is the use of an air preheater for heat recovery. In order to control this corrosion to a certain extent, a minimum limit should be set for the metal temperature in the low temperature zone according to the amount of sulfur contained in the fuel.

3, the waste heat boiler for heat recovery. The use of waste heat boilers is the use of waste heat from flue gas emitted from diesel heaters to heat water or produce steam. Setting such a waste heat boiler does not change the fuel consumption of the hot oil burner itself, and the hot water generated by the waste heat boiler or the steam generated can be used for production and heating so that the fuel can be indirectly saved.

4, reduce the excess air rate: In the design of the thermal oil furnace can reduce the excess air rate to mention the thermal efficiency of the heater, in order to reduce the excess air rate, usually set the air inlet baffle for combustion air regulation, the fuel or gas Type hot oil stove, you can use low excess air burner.