How to choose the right parking heater

- Feb 18, 2017-

Many car owners, the winter is very upset. Because in the winter, vehicles need to warm up for a few minutes, before they can start. Once you have the parking heater, no longer have to worry about. But now there have been many brands of parking heaters, how to choose?

(1) due to space restrictions on the volume of cars used on the heater, so parking heaters are very small, but the engine needs is a lot of heat, so ask at least 5KW heater power! In other words, not only small but also to maximize thermal energy conversion, maximize thermal efficiency.

(2) consumer power issues. -Is the heart of vehicles! No electricity, what can't be talked about! Parking heaters work most of the time was in the vehicle is stationary, and battery power have nothing to add at this time, only consumption. Especially in the winter, the battery power low common, therefore, after engine warm-up and can guarantee that the vehicles have sufficient start-up power is the key.

When the parking heater selection, many car owners, need to take into account the above aspects. Only through this kind of consideration, to make himself satisfied with the price, buy a good heater.