Frequently asked questions about basic knowledge of parking heater

- Dec 03, 2020-

1 What is the difference between air heating and diesel heating?

   Answer: The main function of air heating is to heat the cab, and the main function of diesel heating is to solve the cold start of the car.

2 Can Chai Nuan keep warm?

 Answer: The main function of Diesel heating is to solve the cold start of the car, and to preheat the antifreeze to achieve the effect of preheating the engine, but after the engine is preheated, the warm air of the original car will rise faster.

3 Can three-wheeled electric vehicles be heated by air?

 Answer: The heater and battery voltage power supply need to be consistent. Inconsistent voltage needs to add an inverter. The voltage of electric vehicles is mostly 72V, which requires an inverter. If your car has an independent 12V or 24V power supply for non-engine power supply, you can install it directly.

4 It costs no electricity. Will it be impossible to start the car the next day after heating?

  Answer: It is not very power-consuming. It is started by battery power. After starting, the fuel system air heating built-in motor and fuel pump require very low power. The power is 18-30 watts and will not affect the start of the next day. You can use it with confidence.

  The air heating uses the battery of the original car. After normal operation, it only provides the motor and the fuel pump in the machine. The power required is only 15W-25W equivalent to a steering bulb, so there is no need to worry about ignition problems and they are all under low voltage protection.

  Diesel heater uses the battery of the original car. After starting, the power consumption is about 100W. Heating within one hour will not affect the starting. Under normal circumstances, the driving time is longer than the warm-up time because the battery will be charged during driving.

5 Is the air heating safe? Will exhaust gas be poisoned?

 Answer: (1) Since the combustion ventilation part and the hot exhaust air are two independent parts, they are not interconnected, and the combustion exhaust gas will be independently discharged outside the car; and you can install it as long as the installation method is correct and the installation holes are tight and suitable. It smells of diesel fuel and affects the air in the car.

   (2) The temperature of the air heater itself can reach up to 120℃, and it will not cause fire at all if the ignition point is not reached.

  (3) The exhaust pipe is directly connected to the outside of the car, and the exhaust gas is shot outside the car along the downstream exhaust pipe, which will not cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

6 Can the fuel tank of the original car be used for both diesel heating and air heating?

  Answer: Diesel heating parking heater can be shared with the fuel tank of the original vehicle, but the fuel circuit of the original vehicle cannot be used, and another hole must be drilled on the fuel tank for drainage. The gas-heated parking heater cannot be shared with the original vehicle fuel tank.


diesel air heater

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gasoline air heater

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7 What is the air outlet temperature of the air heater?

  Answer: The air temperature of the heater is about 100-170 degrees. You can press the switch to control the gear to adjust the temperature in the car to a temperature that you feel comfortable. Of course, most machines generally have an automatic mode or a constant temperature function.

8 How long can the diesel engine warm up?

   Answer: When the temperature is minus 35-40℃, the preheating time will take 15-20 minutes. When the temperature is higher than minus 35℃, the preheating time will decrease. It takes 20-40 minutes on average, and the antifreeze can be heated to 70℃;

9 How long can the warm air show the effect?

   Answer: Air heating preheating takes an average of 15 minutes to heat 4 cubic meters of interior space from 5°C to 20°C, and it can increase the interior temperature up to 40°C; the heating rate depends on the volume of the interior space and the thermal insulation of the cabin and air heating It depends on the power of the machine itself, the smaller the space/the greater the power of the machine, the faster the heating.

10 The distinction between 12V and 24V products

  Parking heater (petrol version and diesel version, etc.) 12V, 24V Please indicate the number of volts you need in the buyer's remarks when purchasing.

11 About noise?

  The air heating noise is about 70 decibels. This data is measured when the sound detector is placed in the air outlet during the test. However, because the preheater is installed far away from the ears and separated by objects such as seats, the actual noise will not be too much. The feedback from many of our drivers who have used it is basically acceptable.