Features and Advantages of South Wind Parking Heating System

- Dec 24, 2020-

1. Work independently

   This heating system works independently of the engine. As long as the battery power drives the coolant pump and air-conditioning blower, the engine does not participate in operation.

2. High flexibility

   It can be turned on manually, and it can also be turned on by timing, remote control, mobile phone text messages, and phone calls, with high flexibility.

3. Whole car heating

   It also preheats the engine when heating the temperature inside the car, which eliminates the trouble of preheating after starting the car in winter, and reduces cold start wear.

4. Ventilation

   In summer, the interior of the car can be ventilated and cool breeze can be sent to the cab, realizing multiple functions in one machine.

5. Long service life

  The service life of the parking heating system is about 10 years. One-time investment will benefit "lifetime".

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